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Rebecca || Gold Coast Maternity Photographer

It’s a few months into a new year and I realised I haven’t been a very good girl when it comes to blogging!View full post »

Maternity Info

When to Book: I’ve found the best stage of pregnancy to photograph your bump is between 32 and 36 weeks.View full post »

Maxwell || Brisbane Birth Photographer

Next up in January was the birth of Maxwell. I feel absolutely blessed and privileged to have be present as he arrivedView full post »

Birth Info

Let me begin by saying congratulations on your soon-to-be bub and I would be absolutely honoured to capture your birthView full post »

Birth Gallery

Embracing Ella… from Sweet Art Photography on Vimeo. Welcoming Noah… from Sweet Art Photography onView full post »

Lyla || Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Again, I’ve gotten behind on blogging! This gorgeous baby girl is Lyla at 7 days of age! She was such a littleView full post »

Newborn Info

When to Book: The best time to have your newborn photographed is the first 2 weeks of life, in particular between 8 andView full post »

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