When to book your newborn session:

The best time to have your newborn photographed is the first 2 weeks of life, in particular between 8 and 12 days of age. This allows me to capture all those beautiful memories while your baby is still very sleepy and easy to place into shape to get those gorgeous, curled up poses. If you wish to capture images of your baby in the first 10 days contact me before your baby’s due date to reserve a newborn session.

What to expect:

I set aside 3 hours for a newborn session so that we can take all the time that you need. It is best if bub has a huge big feed when I arrive and set-up as then she will be nice and full and sleepy and I will be able to capture those beautiful sleepy shots! I bring my portable studio to you and it will basically look like I’m moving in! I have everything that I will need including a heater and white noise machine to keep bub nice and warm and comfortable for those naked baby shots. I also provide plenty of props, hair accessories, beanies and wraps. However if you have anything special you’d like used, then I will include them in your baby’s session. No need to stress about cleaning the house, being a mum of 3 children I know what it’s like to have a new baby!! As I’m a natural light photographer I’ll need to set up in the room with the biggest window (preferably facing north).

What to wear:

I personally prefer a baby in its purest form, nude! That way I can record your baby in total newborn state, including all those cute little wrinkles. It’s easiest for me if your baby has only a nappy on and loosely wrapped with a soft wrap for comfort when I arrive. I will also include family shots in the session (unless you’d rather not!!). You will just need to dress comfortably, simple is best. Whites, creams, and pale pastels colours suit my artistic post-processing style if you have those on hand. If you have certain images in mind that you’d like for me to capture, then write them down or let me know, and I will incorporate them into your session!